Charlie Hebdo Crime

stop the killing

stop the killing

Just to make things clear, I’m a #Muslim and the crime happened in #Paris #CharlieHebdo doesn’t represent the Islam I learned in school or taught by my parents, and definitely it’s not what I read in #Quran.

This killing is happening also in my country, Libya, right now, and even this massacre doesn’t represent the Islam I know, here in Libya we have people call them selves “Muslims” killing others who also call themselves “Muslims” and both parties think they are doing the killing for the benefit of Islam and to be loved by Allah.

Except for any self defense cases, anyone who uses killing as a language, do not represent me.

The killing must stop.

The Quran teaches that people should not be converted by force: “Let there be no compulsion in religion” (2:256 Al-Baqara).

Christians shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that their Muslim neighbors are bomb-toting fanatics: Even Muslims who believe in militant jihad don’t necessarily like violence.

And for those who says the Islam spread by the sword (including many Muslims) while numerous people with political and religious agendas make their case otherwise, it is seen as a clear and indisputable fact that the religion of Islam was not spread through violence, coercion, fear, or bloodshed.

I choose Islam over any other religion willingly every single day.

The fact that we as Muslims exist, is because we were not forced to be Muslims, we were convinced to be Muslims.

Historically, while the political and military control of Muslim leaders did in fact spread through defensive warfare, Muslim leaders and generals in fact went out of their way to protect the rights of other religious groups.

The warfare was always carried out only against the governments and armies that the Muslims were at war with.

The local citizens were always left alone.

While religious tolerance and freedom are first seen in “Western” civilization in the Enlightenment of the 1600s and 1700s, Muslims have practiced religious freedom since the 600s AD.

The arguments made by some political and historical “pundits” about Islamic belief spreading violently and through warfare clearly have no historical basis. In fact, Muslim religious toleration has influenced the historical tradition of such ideas in lands as diverse as Europe, the Americans and India.

Take it from me, the massacre that happened in Paris does not represent Islam, it’s terrorism, and terrorism has no religion, race or nationality.

Ali Tweel
8 January 2015

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